Raised Garden Bed Benefits

A raised garden bed offers many benefits to the home gardener. Initially, building your raised beds and getting them ready for planting is a lot of work. I built four beds that I could plant this year and while those are growing, I continue to add more beds.  Once you've done the upfront labor you will find that you are able to reap the benefits for years to come.

Ready For Planting

Quality Soil That Doesn't Get Compacted

The first benefit is that you have control over the quality of your garden soil. The condition of your current soil won't matter.  Once you build your beds, you are able to add in organic matter, compost and soil that will be ideal for your vegetable garden.

By keeping your beds no more than three to four feet across you will not need to step into your planting area. This prevents soil compaction. When your soil remains loose plant roots are able to get to the water and nutrients they need. 

Extend Your Growing Season

Another benefit of a raised garden bed is an extended growing season. The soil in your beds will drain better so spring rains will not cause you to delay planting. You can even plant right before it rains and let nature do the watering for you. Your soil will also warm up faster and once it is warm you can go ahead and get your garden planted. 

More Vegetables

Because your soil is nutrient dense and you do not have a need for walking paths in your garden beds you will be able to plant more per square foot. You can add even more space for planting by mounding your soil and planting all the way to the border of your beds. This will of course increase your overall production and who can argue with more fresh vegetables.

Less Weeds

You are going to have less weeds to deal with in your garden. Plants are close together and mulch is used around the plants. There is not much space for weeds to grow. Any weeds that do make it into your garden can be covered with more mulch or you can pull them right out of your already loose garden soil. Weeding won't be a problem.

Reap the benefits with your own raised garden beds.

With so many benefits to gardening in raised beds, I'm sure you will want to get started building your own raised beds. 

Check back here and I will be adding more detailed information to help you achieve success with your raised garden beds.